HEATTEC Mica Band Heaters are made of Nickel Chrome resistance ribbon covered with specially selected Mica or Micanite sheet and then insulated by metal sheathing. It is then finally rolled into the required shape.We build every technically possible heaters as per your requirement.


  • Rust resistant Sheath.
  • Top Quality Nickel Chrome ribbon.
  • Max. 3.6 watts/cm2.
  • Max. Operating temperature up to 250 °C.
  • Available with inbuilt insulation pad to reduce power consumption.
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  • Plastic Processing Machinery.
  • Injection and Blow Moulding.
  • Extruders.
  • Many other Applications. (Medical, medicine Lab-Equipments….etc).
12″ Lead or Post Terminals
Junction Box
Protected fiberglass Wires with G.I or SS flexible conduct
Vertical/horizontal male plug on the heater Max. Amp 16 at 250V
Fiberglass wire exists between Inner and Outer sheath
Two flexible fiberglass insulated lead wires without junction box
Post terminal option available at 19 mm length
Ceramic connectors Max. Amp – 25 A
  • Inside dia. & width of the heater.
  • Wattage & Voltage.
  • Construction type.
  • Type of terminals required.
  • Drawing where special type of holes or cutout required.
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