The thermocouple sensor will help you in measuring the accurate temperature. The two dissimilar metals are allowed to meet at a single point, and it would be called as measuring or junction end. Another end takes the known temperature details, and it is called as Reference end.  The voltage difference will be produced by the temperature difference that is created between two dissimilar metals. The variations in the voltage are used to measure the temperature. The thermocouple sensor can easily measure Even a generous range temperature. Thermocouples are suitable to use for measuring the temperature of burner, diesel engines, furnace etc.

A thermocouple will generate the voltage in the UV range, and it has to be amplified using the instrumentation amplifier. Varieties of amplifiers have been made for the thermocouple metal (e.g. AD594, AD595 etc.). The diameter should be very short and so we the thermocouple sensor will be highly responsive.

HEATTEC ThermoCouples are specially made under stringent quality conditions.


  • Available for all possible applications
  • Can be made to customers specifications
  • Types-J,K,T,E,R and resistor sensor
  • Supplied with calibration certificates and accessories
  • Available in Plain, Bayonet, Washer, Leaf and Ring types.
Band Type
Bolt Type
Bayonet Type
Washer Type
Compression Fitting Type
Plain Type
Spring Adjustable Bayonet Type
  • Type
  • Cable length.
  • Tip diameter & length
  • Drawing for special type configuration.

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